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   Patients seen at our clinic for the first time are asked to bring all insurance information including insurance card and a list of medications you are currently taking. 

   Your  exam will begin with a vision test and a refraction to check for the need for glasses or any changes in the prescription of any glasses or contact lenses you may be currently using.

   A glaucoma test is then performed on all patients, followed by instillation of dilating drops.  These drops will enlarge your pupils to allow Dr. Teska to check for cataracts, and diseases of the retina and optic nerve.  The effects of dilating drops last for several hours and consist of blurred vision and sensitivity to bright sunlight.  If your eyes have never been dilated, or you are uncomfortable with your eyes dilated it may be helpful to bring a driver with you.

   New patients are invited to printout and complete the new patient forms below, click on the PDF icon (there are a total of 4 pages, the office staff will sign the last page as "witness").

New patient forms

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